House of Noise

10 sep


fre. 10. sep. kl. 19.00
60 kr. + gebyr
Dørsalg 90 kr.
Forvent det bedste fra den støjende og alternative live scene!

House of Noise præsenterer en række navne fra den støjende og alternative københavnske muld:

Line-up: Lyzaar + Quiet Sonia + MORE TBA


Quiet Sonia is a Copenhagen-based seven-piece indie-rock/ folk/shoegaze band performing and interpreting the folk- influenced compositions of songwriter and guitarist Nikolaj Bruus on acoustic steel string guitar. From an instrumentation of violin, double-bass and piano in addition to the traditional rock lineup, a warm, atmospheric and organic – and at other times confronting and brutally beautiful – soundscape unfolds, reflecting the numerous musical passions of the band: including jazz, ambient, electronic and modern classical music.
Quiet Sonia is expecting to release their two debut EP’s in 2021, "Wild and Bitter Fruits” and “All Black Horses Came Thundering” (on their newly self-launched record-label, Pink Cotton Candy), and are currently working on their first full- length, “And So On Into Infinity”. This evening QS will play one of their rare shows performing with a small line-up consisting of acoustic and electric guitar, vocals, organ and piano.