RMC præsenterer: Beauty Club, Eyarã, Maríe Louise Bjarnarson, Ey-Kat-I-Lep-See

09 jun


ons. 09. jun. kl. 19.00
Det er kun muligt at få adgang til koncerterne ved at forhåndsreservere plads.
Oplev spændende musikere fra Københavns talentmasse, når Rytmisk Musikkonservatorium (RMC) inviterer til gratis 1. års-kandidatkoncerter.


kl. 19.00: Beauty Club

kl. 20.00: Eyarã

kl. 21.00: Maríe Louise Bjarnarson

Kl. 22.00: Ey-Kat-I-Lep-See


Beauty Club

Beauty Club is an exclusive organization dedicated to the research and promotion of beauty. Its three red-dressed, bandana-wearing spokespeople are Person Boom Boom Boom Boom, Tomas Elle Stun and Pony Thunders by the powers of bass, drums and guitar. Absurd, dangerous and groovy as their music. From the shadows of the Scandinavian dreamland, as a funeral fanfare for the death of truth, this is the Sound of the Nordic Welfare in their first public appearance. Beauty Club is the future of dumpster-diving.


Person Boom Boom Boom Boom - electric six-stringed unit, vocals

Tomas Elle Stun - electric four-stringed device, vocals

Pony Thunders - acoustic resononant skinset, vocals



Eyarã unites electronic sounds and South American rhythms with jazzy vibes. Quite an uncommon combination just as the trio itself: vibraphone, electric bass and drums. Three young, but experienced musicians who know their way around all three music scenes due to their Latin roots and professional artworks.

Eyarã symbolizes, in the South American (more particularly in the Guaraní) culture, a red flamingo which enchants his spectators by its stunning appearance and voice. This mythology inspires the sound of the trio placing it into a futuristic surrounding. A trio which introduces its very own color to various music scenes. Accompanied by positive vibes and completed through a smooth interplay of three different influences.


Lucas Dorado – vibraphone, effects

Sven Holscher – bass, effects

Special Guest: Rasmus Elhøj - drums


Maríe Louise Bjarnarson

Maríe Louise Bjarnarson er sanger og sangskriver. Sammen med sit band vil hun opføre et repertoire, der tager lytteren igennem alt fra Twin Peaks-inspirerede popsange til countryballader.



Ey-Kat-I-Lep-See is a manifestation of the realms of a woman’s unconscious, of the body that speaks. It is a sound installation, a music concert, an aesthetic abstract art piece, an agrestic raw manifestation of primal human expression, a childs play, a space/ritual that evokes/offers release of primal energy to the performers and the audience.

Ey-Kat-I-Lep-See is a large ensemble representing a female body, in which many states and voices reside, who each evokes emotions which by themselves don’t posses names of their own. They can only speak through landscapes of sounds, of dissonance, of noise, of song.

The manifestation does not belong to a particular genre, a particular telling, a specific style. It cannot be categorized, for it is older than the languages in which categorization exists. It invites you to embrace the incomprehensibleness and the impossibility of comprehending and conceiving the complex human psyche.

Ey-Kat-I-Lep-See invites you to travel through the realms of the mind and body of a woman, who finally acknowledges her own self and the history and mythology that resides in her, through 4 landscapes, 4 souls that resides in her body.


Nadia Okrusko - vocals

Amanda DrewSisa Fehér - vocals

Marijke Florien Maes - vocals

Dunia Huarachi Jørgensen - vocals

Cristina Ferro - vocals

Flavia Huarachi Jørgensen - vocals

Ignacio Córdoba - quadrodphone

Paul Jacob Fossum - piano, electronics

Ivar Myrset Asheim – drums

Aurelijus Uzameckis - contrabass


Painting by Cris Ferro



Det er kun muligt at få adgang til koncerterne ved at forhåndsreservere plads.

Der vil kun være siddepladser og kapaciteten er begrænset på grund af retningslinjerne for spillesteder som følge af situationen med Covid-19.

Koncertsalen skal rengøres imellem hver koncert, så publikum skal forlade salen.


Admittance must be booked in advance.

Seated audience only and a limited capacity due to the guidelines for reopening cultural events during the Covid-19 situation.

The concert hall must be cleaned between each concert, and the audience will be asked to step outside.