RMC præsenterer: Un animit unit, Matthías Sigurðsson and the Sunrays, Amanda Drew

07 jun


man. 07. jun. kl. 19.00
Det er kun muligt at få adgang til koncerterne ved at forhåndsreservere plads.
Oplev spændende musikere fra Københavns talentmasse, når Rytmisk Musikkonservatorium (RMC) inviterer til gratis 1. års-kandidatkoncerter.


kl. 19.00: Un animit unit

kl. 20.00: Matthías Sigurðsson and the Sunrays

kl. 21.00: Amanda Drew



Un animit unit

A composition written with specific musicians, improvisors and human beings in mind using and transforming their signature sounds from the past. These specific people performing this composition forms a sextet with Slavic and Nordic roots creating unanimity in unit.



Stefan Szabó (SK) - guitar, composition

Hein Westgaard (NO) - guitar

Michaela Turcerová (SK) – alto, baritone saxophone

Luka Zabric (SL) - alto saxophone

Ivar Myrset Asheim (NO) - drums, percussion

Matús Mordavský (SK) - sampler


Matthías Sigurðsson and the Sunrays

Matthías Sigurðsson and the Sunrays form a synergy of many musical traditions. Drawing from his roots as a classical clarinet player and electronic musician from the near boundaryless musical landscape of Iceland, Matthías Sigurðsson has brought together an ensemble of talented musicians from Bolivia, Canada, Germany, Belgium, Norway and Argentina to find a colorful, yet uniform sound.

From this multiverse, where deep synthesizers meet acoustic songs, shimmering voices emerge from repetitive percussion and melancholic piano. Matthías Sigurðsson and the Sunrays merge their voices into one expression, their wish to shine their light on the lonely souls of this world.

A musical exploration of separation and how to seek solace through immersing in sound, as one. 



Ivar Myrset Asheim (NO) - drums, percussion

Lucas Dorado (AR) - vibraphone

P Jacob Fossum (CA) - synthesizers, piano

Flavia Huarachi (BO) - flute, vocals

Marijke Maes (BE) - vocals, keys

Anna-Lucia Rupp (DE) - vocals, keys


Amanda Drew

‘The softness i sing’ is the newest musical outburst by composer and vocalist Amanda Drew. 

Covered with organic woodwinds, voices and cello, ‘The softness I sing’ is the act of breathing calmly through tension and anxiety and surrendering to the softness of sleeping.

Hush now. We will lull you into slumber. You can leave your insomnia in our custody, and we will care for you. The night is gentle. You are warm. You are treasured. Sleep, love.

All your sweet dreams will be aided by:

Amanda Drew

Flavia Huarachi

Matthías Sigurðsson 

Marijke Maes

Luna Ersahin

Leia Christensen




Det er kun muligt at få adgang til koncerterne ved at forhåndsreservere plads.

Der vil kun være siddepladser og kapaciteten er begrænset på grund af retningslinjerne for spillesteder som følge af situationen med Covid-19.

Koncertsalen skal rengøres imellem hver koncert, så publikum skal forlade salen.


Admittance must be booked in advance.

Seated audience only and a limited capacity due to the guidelines for reopening cultural events during the Covid-19 situation.

The concert hall must be cleaned between each concert, and the audience will be asked to step outside.